Thursday, August 14, 2008

Diet and school update

I did finally colon cleanse and it backed me up. I guess I'll just keep with the diet for a while unless I get any bad symptoms again. I have found that I have nausea after I consume a lot of romaine lettuce. I'll stick with spinach for a while and only eat other lettuce in moderation. I hope I don't have to give up romaine because it's so nice and big and works great for wraps. I had it twice yesterday: once with sunbutter and honey and then later with almond butter and honey. I felt nauseous only after I had it the second time. Then today I had only two leaves with avocado salad on them and I felt a little stomach discomfort. Then I craved carb. I had a hemp flour bagel and it was AWESOME! It was darker than whole wheat and so tasty. Then I made whole wheat flax seed pancakes for dinner because I was still craving carbs. I also had scrambled eggs to be sure I don't get too many detox symptoms. I want to detox I just don't want it to be uncomfortable. I already have more BMs and gas than usual. The BM part is great, I just gotta get used to it!

The two days of seminar WERE a waste of time. They didn't even have a placement for me yet. The supervising instructor told me to try to find one myself! I finally got in touch with the school board person who was responsible for placement and she got me a spot with a high school art teacher. Well, I'm not too happy it is high school. I would have been more relaxed with elementary. But I think it is what I need to really get me prepared to teach any level. Why not do it now when I have an experienced teacher, Mr. L he'll be called, to help me. I'm not looking forward to having to come up with all the lesson plans. We'll see how that sort of planning goes. Maybe I'll get a lot of assistance from Mr. L based on what he's planned already. Although, this may be his first year teaching art. I called the school asking about the first week's schedule and said I didn't see him on the website as the art teacher and the woman said he HAD taught at the school before but she couldn't remember what program he worked with. At least he's familiar with the school and hopefully with many of the students.

It's kind of surreal to finally be here. I'm a student teacher. I'm finally Mrs. E, though around here it's rare for anyone, especially kids and teens, to say "missus." It's always "miss." Anyone else familiar with the south's tradition of calling people Miss. or Mr. followed by their first name? Well, it's a thing done around here quite a lot. Though, schools do keep it professional using only last names. I am conservative in that manner, thanks mom. She taught me to call anyone older Mr. or Mrs. unless told not to. When I took some art classes on the community college and my high school art teacher was my college teacher, she had college students call her by her first name. I just couldn't make that switch. I continued to call her Mrs. Blank. (That's really her name. Is my identity revealed? nah.) She even brought it up one day, but I told her it was difficult for me to change only 2 years out of HS to calling her by her first name. She said that was fine then.

High school. For art it can be easier because students are in the art class because they like art. Still, there can be one art class that students HAVE to take and others where students had no where else to go. I wonder what the schedule is like at this HS. It's probably a block schedule which could mean only 3 classes a day and one planning period. That sounds good to me! I hope Mr. L lets me take it slow and only take on classes after an observation period. Also I hope to only teach one class a week and then add a class each weak. I don't need to teach all day every day. I need the practice, yes. But it's not my job really. I wish student teacher were done differently and we were paid a stipend of some sort rather than having to pay for the credits. Interns get paid. We should too. And even if we do have to pay for credits, it should be 12, not 6, so we can be considered full time students and have all the benefits that entails, like more grant money or student loan money.

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