Sunday, July 20, 2008

On turning 27

It's only a number. Dr. Oz says my "real age" is close to 3 years younger. It's a nice number. Seven is lucky, right? My husband is still 11 months older than me. I'm STILL 3 years from 30. I don't wanna wish away my twenties, but it's hard to believe I'm still in them! These last few years will be extremely different from my first few years in my twenties. First of all, I got married one week after I turned 20. I just barely escaped being a teenage bride (yuck!). I was pregnant on my 21st birthday which made it a different birthday than I would have imagined, though I didn't throw up from drinking too much which is probably what would have happened if I had not been with child. All-in-all that was a good thing. The first 3 years of my twenties were full of change and were quite stressful. Good, but stressful and definitely hard on myself and my husband emotionally. These last few years will also be full of change and will be stressful. However, the change will be planned and the stress will be for the better because it will surround a move to a new city and also new jobs. My stomach feels tight just thinking about starting new jobs, but it will be something my husband and I have worked towards for a long time.

My 27th birthday is special because it marks the beginning of my daughter's preschool years. My youngest was born on my 24th birthday, so tomorrow morning around 9:45 (can't remember if it was 9:47 or something close to that) she will officially be 3 years old. I no longer have a baby, but a child... two children, actually. And I'm glad. Though I tell people G is getting too big, I don't want a baby, or a 1 year old or a 2 year old. I'm happy with my two girls. My 27th year will be the year I stop changing diapers on a regular basis. I may occasionally get to babysit friend's children who wear diapers, and that's fine because they get to go home by the end of the day! With school approaching, it's time to get this girl going potty. This means a trip to the store tomorrow to stock up on more plastic pants. We have two weeks till the beach and I'm gonna get this girl potty-trained!

27: the age I graduate college. YAY! Hopefully, the age I begin my first teaching position. A whole year ahead of me to say I'm 27. Twenty seven. It's gonna be a good year.

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