Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The interview went okay. I wasn't the only applicant. In fact a classmate from last fall's Art Methods class was also interviewing. We are both scheduled for student teaching this fall. The difference is she graduated last December with her art degree THEN started education classes just so she didn't have to take Praxis I. I took Praxis I and passed (well), but didn't graduate though I could have. I saw one other applicant who was 30 min. late, but it didn't matter because they were running behind for some reason. Maybe the first applicant was late. I was there 30 min. early. I heard there were two other interviews that day, so I do not feel confident about getting the position. The only plus is that I gave them pics of my art and included pics of me throwing a pot at the art festival last summer and the theater teacher, one of the interviewers, said they want to get the kiln up and running this year and they have a few wheels. That is where I know I beat out my classmate who never learned to throw. But I don't know about the other applicants and I don't know if that was even brought up in the other interviews because I was the one to ask what type of equipment the school had. Every time the phone rings I get nervous. I don't know if they'll call to say nay. I'm not sure if that's done anymore these days.

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