Sunday, July 27, 2008

I took the Plunge

I did it, I jumped in and made a smoothie with a vegetable. It wasn't green, though. A friend gave me a few zucchini, so I shredded up the biggest and went about making zucchini bread. I actually put it in a rectangle pan because the recipe I found was for two loaf pans and I only have one. It just came out of the oven and looks good and smells good. We'll have it for breakfast tomorrow. I had almost two cups of zucchini left, so I put it in the blender along with a little tofu, a nectarine, an apple, some rice milk and a little honey. The result is not bad. It's cream colored. I don't like the soy aftertaste, but I can get through it. I won't be doing the soy thing any longer though. I had a glass and put the rest in the fridge. I think I'll add a little vanilla extract to it and see if the girls will have some in the morning with me. W won't touch it. He's way to particular about fruit and vegetables. I'm pretty sure G will just drink it up and I plan on giving it to her first. S, the oldest, will not like it. She's tried soy milk and really hated it. But I'll still give it a try, after G has tried it. AND I'll be sure to remind S that there is to be NO negative talk about food. I tell her she doesn't have to eat what she doesn't like, though she has to try a bite. If she doesn't like it she isn't to say that because that influences G who wants to do everything her big sis does and then some.

It's too bad I couldn't have started down this path when S was younger and willing to try everything. She didn't start getting picky about food until she was four. She'd eat beans, any vegetable (and ask for more), and just about everything we ate. Now she'll say she doesn't want something before I've even put it on her plate. The girl is just too negative. I told her about energy today after my pilates class. I said she had a bad attitude and that meant her energy was negative and I didn't want her spewing that bad energy on me. I said I'd had a great class and I pushed all the negative energy out my fingers and toes and only breathed in good energy. You know what she said? "I don't believe in that." Come on! She's not yet six and she doesn't just take what I say as the absolute truth?! Really, I was proud of her for being so decisive about her thoughts and honest as well. I told her all living things are made of energy, we burn food for energy, etc. Still, she said I don't believe in energy like that. Then later we were watching a shark week show from last year (shark week started this evening) and the marine biologist said the hammer head shark has sensors on the underside of its head to sense the energy of any living creature even if it is perfectly still under the sand. SEE! That's what I'm saying, we're all energy, I told S. Yeah, well.... she didn't have too much to say. She just took it in and watched the show.

I talked to my mom on the phone today and her naturopathic doctor had been telling her to do things I've been reading about online, such as do a detox. The doctor actually does a 2 week detox class that meets twice a week and she told my mom to bring her daughters. The doctor said I could do a conference call for the meetings since they are in MD and I'm in NC. I wish I lived in MD already so I could do these things with my mom and sister. Health is another reason we are moving to MD. We want the health food options that aren't available here and the health care that is covered by insurance such as chiropractic care, acupuncture, and some homeo and naturopathic care.

My positive attitude is hanging on. I said a few negative things today, but I turned my mood right around. The whole family can get really stressed out and I'm tired of yelling. It's exhausting. I'm talking to the kids instead of loosing my temper. And the whole house stays more calm. I'm not going to let my daughter's negative attitude change me. I'm going to change her attitude--their attitudes really, because both girls get really cranky at times.

As I said, I did pilates today instead of yoga because there was a substitute in for the yoga teacher. I had done pilates another time when this woman substituted. She keeps it much easier than her regular pilates class and always shows the modification which, for me, equals the more doable way. The first class I did with her it was immediately apparent to her I have very limited flexibility in my legs and she started right in with the modifications. This class she was all, "good modification Lauren." I hung in there and did what I could and just kept the breathing up. At one point we sat with our knees bent in front of us and put our hands on the ground behind with our fingers pointing away from us. Then we lifted our hips up. The first time we did this my arms and hands started tingling right away and then became unbearable. The circulation was cut off in my arms. That wasn't good! But then I tried again and it worked okay. I am really looking forward to starting chiropractic care when I have a job and insurance to help pay. The adjustments I had a couple years ago helped so much, but didn't last because of my muscle memory and I couldn't afford to go for more than a few sessions. I want to commit to a year of treatment and then follow up treatment every couple months after that. The adjustments would make yoga better and I should be able to increase my flexibility with the two. I do worry that yoga would adversely affect the adjustments, but then I tell myself that yoga is really good for the body and with better posture from the adjustments I will be able to hold the poses even better and relax my muscle more to increase the stretch.

W and I are going back to the Y tomorrow morning. I'm going to do Cardio Sculpt which is basically a step class with some weight lifting and then ab work. I did it for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was enjoyable. I didn't know all the cues, so I messed up quite a bit on the steps. It was a good work out though and the music is fun.

W is coming around to acknowledging he may just be allergic to dairy. He said he was going to make a cheese sandwich today, but decided against it. Good. I told him I am really tired of him being sick. I've wanted to scream at him for being sick because it's annoying to have him tired and sitting around. I had never told him I was tired of it before because we both were legitimately sick a lot through the winter, but this summer we've avoided viruses. I said a prayer of thanks for my health this summer. S had that stomach virus and G and I didn't get sick, as of yet. W did though. Why? Not a good immune system because of all the stress he puts his digestive track under with eating dairy and high fat foods. I know my digestive track isn't all that healthy and that compromises my immune system as well, so I want to change that.

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