Saturday, July 26, 2008

From Crazy Sexy to Raw Foods

I saw Kris Carr on Oprah earlier this summer and something inside me clicked. As I have said, I have mild hypothyroidism. I said to my allergist, maybe there's something I could do with diet to help rather than try medicine. She didn't think there was. She's big on medicine, though I do love her. I know she'd totally support me in changing my diet. Anyway, when I saw Kris Carr and learned about how she is "always at the office of healing" because she has stage 4 cancer and is LIVING with the cancer (which she calls canSer and I haven't figured out why yet, so tell me if you know) I thought, I want the drive she has to do all things well for myself (and the rest of my family).

When I was a teen I was quite depressed at times (could be genetic, could be the thyroid, could be I ate too many Little Debbie snacks) and predicted I'd get cancer by the time I'm 40. Well, it's likely I will if I keep going the way I am. I don't even want to think about the number of fast food burgers I have eat in the last 3 years (and allowed my kids to eat). Yuck!

I may be repeating myself here, I'm not sure as I am quite tired and probably need a snack, but W and I have absolutely decided to go mostly vegetarian. He is actually on board. Little does he know what I'm cooking (or not cooking) to do: The Raw Food Detox Diet (by Natalia Rose). Now, it doesn't have to be completely raw and the book is for total beginners. Apparently if you just go raw overnight from eating fast food burgers and the like you will get very sick like you have the flu and have all sorts of mucus build up and the like. I'm not much for mucus build up, so I'm taking it slow. Really, I've already taken the first step. I've cut out all meat except fish. I may still eat deli meat as well for a while longer. The next step is a juicer. I wanna drink those green drinks. However, some can be made in just a blender and strained if needed, so I guess I should start there and save the $. My first step has been vegetarianism (mostly).

I am constantly thinking about the kid's protein needs and the kids dietary needs in general when I think about these changes. W and I already told S (who is 5.5) there will be changes such as NOT stopping for fast food... She cut in with "It's okay to have a little fast food but not all the time. Well, I said, from now on for US, OUR family it's going to be none of the time and that includes school food. Last year in pre-school she alternated between school breakfast or lunch and packed items. I had already decided I would not be doing that this year for kindergarten. The poor girl has dealt with constipation since she was one. This past year I've tested to see if it's from milk. It seems to be because when I stopped giving her milk she has better BMs. (Everything can be learned from poo--seen Scrubs musical?) So, that's gotta go too. Tofu and soy milk has to go as well. There is so much research against eating soy based products. The soy is greatly altered. Think about that car commercial where they show how they make soy foam for the padding in the seats. THAT is what soy milk looks like when it's shaken up a lot. I know a lot of people drink soy milk and that includes me. I have some in the fridge right now and used it in my cereal this morning. I also have organic milk in there. The changes will be gradual. The important thing is to keep the house well stocked with the good stuff and for both W and I to be on board.

God knows W wants to change. He's not healthy. His blood work may look good. His blood pressure may never be too high, but he's often unwell. My feeling is he is allergic to dairy and that is why G is allergic to dairy. W's own mother said he didn't react well to whole milk as a child and was given skim milk instead. When he eats pizza or icecream he gets sick. I do NOT think it's just lactose intolerance because he is up sick a lot of nights. Often I hear him say "I'm not well, I'm sick. I just don't know what's wrong with me." Well, you are what you eat and we haven't been very good for too long.

I'm marking my 27th birthday as the date of change. It's the day I went to the gym and said, "This is how I want to live my life." I need a healthy immune system and lots of energy if I'm going to survive as a teacher. It's something that has been scaring me about finishing school. The stress of new jobs and a move will not factor well with my current low energy and low immune system. I was sick literally from Jan 1 through March 15. That included influenze. That was the worst. I wanted to die! I really did. I got so depressed with that illness I didn't want to carry on. Just seeing the children exhausted me. I am glad I made it through though! I do love my life.

So, I'm beginning a new journey. Anyone with me? I know someone who has already gone vegetarian and has been feeding her daughter that way, so I'm going to contact her now and ask her advice. I'll bet she has some good cook book suggestions for vegetarian meals. It's a start for the family. I can eat cooked dinner with the fam and still eat mostly raw the rest of my day. Not sure how it's all going to work, but I'm committed and excited about it. I'm looking forward to yoga tomorrow. I need to stretch!

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