Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For those interested in potty-training 3 year olds

G was bugging me about something and then quickly ran away holding her crotch. When I went to find her I saw wet foot-prints across the dining room hardwood, the kitchen tile and, though I couldn't see them, I assumed across the rug. The little toes were so distinct on each print I just laughed.
G has become accustomed to simply changing her White Cloud brand training pants (aka pull-ups) whenever we tell her to go potty. Sometimes we follow her to the potty and make sure she actually uses it, but we've been lazy. This weekend, I bought plastic training pants she can wear over REAL underwear. We started her wearing them today. After nap time today I told her if she went potty she could change from her diaper to her underwear. Instead of putting on the underwear she HAD been wearing she just grabbed a plastic training pantie and that is why the wet foot-prints happened.
In total today, the bathroom floor, stool, and toilet seat were soaked twice, the couch once and, of course, the running leak across the house episode. That's really not bad. This may only relate to those who have assisted children in potty training, but once today she did the potty dance and I took her to the potty where she told me her underwear were wet and tried to take them off. When I showed her they were still dry she peed and I was so proud because that was evidence she had felt the need to go and hadn't just let it flow without recognition. That is the whole point of the plastic training pants. Pull-ups haven't worked.
The girl JUST turned 3, so I will be so thrilled if she potty-trains by the end of August. I think we'll have to do pull-ups out of the house for a little while, until maybe SHE asks to just wear underwear. That's how S did it. Of course, we haven't had the same success with poo we had today with recognizing the feeling before peeing, but it was pretty close a few days ago.
G starts preschool next month, maybe even Sept. I'm not sure. It's only 3 hours, 3 mornings a week, but I really don't want her to have to be changed except to change her own wet pull-up. I'd be fine with that. The kids are supposed to be potty-trained, but the teachers are understanding with the new 3s and it's only a short time.

On another note, I'm reading Little House in the Big Woods with S and really enjoying it. It's amazing all they had to do to survive during that time. S is an auditory learner and her recall is amazing. It's the best kind of learner to be, I think, based on how school is most often teacher-centered. I'm following the progress of a new Montessori school starting this year in Baltimore. I'm going to send them a resume, but I'm also watching to see how they do because I might want to apply to have the kids go there after we've lived in Baltimore a year. S will do 1st grade either in our district school or maybe in my school if I teach elementary. G will be in daycare with a 4 year old preschool program our first year there. I really like the Montessori way, especially with the emphasis on art and creativity. Most Baltimore schools say they are Direct Instruction schools, meaning there's a set curriculum every grade has to learn. Montessori has a structured curriculum as well, but is designed for more creativity than the public schools allow. I will not have S, or G, stilted creatively and I will meet with any teacher who stands in the way. I think Kindergarten and 3 year old preschool will be pretty fun for them this year.

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