Saturday, July 26, 2008

After the Test

I'm not napping this afternoon, though I said I would... I said it many times. I don't really like napping though because waking up is uncomfortable (as per my post about weakness). The good thing about not napping today is that I will have to go to bed early, lik 9 pm. It's 4pm now, so just a mere 5 hours away.

As for the dreaded test. The other Art Ed. test taker who was with me back in May was also back today to take both parts of the test. She has actually taught art a year on the OBX, though her degree is in Elementary. The multiple choice test may have been the exact test I took before. The art reproductions were the same and most of the questions were familiar. Not sure if I did better, but I feel I did about the same as before. I feel I did WELL on the essay! The questions actually lended themselves to answers full of name-drops and historical facts! Yay! I prepared for that. The last test had 3 part questions for each of my art works. This test had only 2 part questions which were complex, like all the examples I had ever read. I'm happy. I was able to write about charcoal self-portraits for my self-portrait. For the print (the one at the top of this blog-both parts) I was able to explain the entire process of making the print. That should get me a high score (please!!!).

Since I'm not napping I'll blog about what I am doing next.

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