Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have learned that my university puts periodicals in the recycling bin when the new one comes in. They don't have any bound and shelved as one would expect. For a class last year I found an article online in Art in America. However, I couldn't find the entire article online, just reviews and blogs about it. I went to the library and asked for the magazine, which was only 3 months old. The woman working at the media desk looked for quite a long time for it, then told me "We don't have that one. I can't find it." Yeah, because you stood back there thinking what am I going to tell this woman? How about, "Check the recycling."

Husband is doing internship this summer at the library and actually worked last summer with the company updating the catalog system. A woman who worked with the company ended up getting hired on and works in the media area of the library. Hopefully W can get me some art journals or at least check with the woman to see if I could get in there and pull them out of the recycling. It's awful that the University pays for all these subscriptions and then they just get thrown away. Hardly ANYONE reads them. Most of them are probably NEVER read. I just happened to have an assignment to review journal articles for my art methods class. I had never actually thought to go to a library and read articles of magazines I would enjoy but wouldn't want to pay for a subscription.

Maybe one day I will review the name of my university--one day when we live far away from here and have jobs and possibly have started into masters' programs. I would be happy to see the university "fail" and have to be totally revamped by the state system, but I wouldn't want bad publicity about it all to affect me or W. Hopefully the school will not hurt our careers in the future.

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