Thursday, June 26, 2008

The call came in

The principle from a near-by county high school called this afternoon (Thursday) to ask if I would like to interview for the open art teacher vacancy. The interview is on Mon. I had the pick of two times and chose 11:30 because the school is an hour away. I had actually seen the post about the vacancy a couple weeks ago, but was reluctant to call because 1) I had already sent in my application, so they should call me! and 2) It's an hour away! I couldn't say no to an interview for a job this coming school year, so I will be going to interview with a panel of three people on Monday morning. I'm extremely nervous.

I've been "asked" to interview for a job before. It was for the local arts council director of the school for the arts. I did not get the job because it was over a year ago and I was just gearing up to go back for my final 1.5 years of school. They probably thought I'd be too busy and hired someone already finished school. And really, that was fine with me at the time, just fine. I was nervous for the interview, but I'm MORE nervous I think this time because I want this job more than I wanted that other job. Actually I didn't want that other job at all, but would have taken it had it been offered. Not a great set-up. This time I really do want to teach. I'm not thrilled it's high school, but I will push myself.

I'll be talking with my sister tomorrow to prepare for the interview since she's been there. I need to decide what to wear, what to bring (lesson plans, portfolio, etc.), and think about what kind of questions they may ask.

If I do get this position I will be withdrawing from school AND applying for December graduation as expected. There's one question there: Will I be rewarded an education minor without student teaching? I lean towards no. That's okay, because I will get a provisional teaching certificate for this year, and by the end (maybe even after the first semester) I will be eligible for a full NC license. I was planning on getting a NC license upon graduation for the purpose of teaching here (maybe if something was open mid-year) but also for applying for my MD license. Teaching lateral entry shouldn't change my standing with getting a MD license.

Oh I'm excited. I need to focus on being excited rather than nervous. That is the reason I applied to teach this year rather than wait until I finish student teaching: I'm excited to start teaching!!! I don't want to pay to help another teacher out (though it probably IS a good learning experience), I want to BE the teacher and BE paid. Plus, after medical and taxes, the money I make will be saved for moving expenses next summer and to put towards the down-payment of the house. Am I talking like I already have the job? I shouldn't. If I don't get hired, it's still a learning experience and I will be LESS nervous the next time around, which may be for MD.

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