Sunday, June 22, 2008

The B.S. of it all!

I'm posting this now because I can't do anything about it until tomorrow (Monday). On Friday I got my student teaching semester schedule, but didn't open it until today (Sunday). I am stewing about it because it is ridiculous. First of all, when we register for student teaching we also register for a non-credit, one-week Contempory Issues Seminar. I have known this since I started over a year ago at my University. Professors told me "It's the week before you start Student Teaching." Okay, so the semester doesn't officially start until Aug. 19 and that is what our schedule says from when we pre-registered last semester. Public school starts Aug. 25, however teachers start back on the 18th and apparently THAT is when we start our Student Teaching. Guess we get to help the teacher set up the classroom and really get to work on lesson planning. Then we get to experience the first week of school which I think is a really great thing because in the book noted in the previous post, new teachers really struggle without training on how to start the first week of school. (However, we do miss the first day of school). Probably we'll be mostly observing the first week of school and then jump in and start teaching our own lessons. Here is the kicker. Remember that one-week seminar class I have to take? Well, instead of starting on the 11th, one week before we start working with our teachers on the 18th, we are starting the class on Wed. Aug. 6. Then we have the weekend and then two more days of the 5-day class. Then we have 5 days off before we meet with our teachers. THAT is the B.S. Why the hell did they do that? Why don't we have it the week before student teaching like they said all along? I demand to know this! Plus, students not from the area now have to notify them if they need dorm accomodations which most likely means they will be set up in a dorm room only to have to move to their offical dorm room the weekend before school officially starts Aug. 19th. I'm sure most people have spent this weekend wondering these same questions. Also, WHY didn't they tell us when we preregistered we would be starting so early? The truth of the matter is, while I would be curious about the set-up if I didn't have plans, I DO have plans for the week the seminar starts! I am to be at the beach Aug. 2-9!!!!!! If's W's internship hadn't interfered, I may have worked for the public school system's summer camp or the Y's summer camp which would also have run into the week of the seminar. I hope there are other students who committed to working or who will be out of town or who just can't get back to school that week because of not being notified earlier. I am calling teachers on Monday about this and telling them straight out I will be out of town, I've already paid for my trip and cannot miss it. Maybe I could get the curriculum I'll miss those three days that Friday afternoon (I could cut it one day short) and study it myself over the weekend. I don't know if there are any tests involved or how they evaluate this class, but it's simply P/F. Also, the last Monday every month throughout student teaching we have Seminar, so I guess that's a continuation of it and we'll be passed at the end of the semester. Ugh. I hate having to call. And I can hear them now, "You miss any of seminar, you can't student teach." Come on, you gave us 6 weeks notice on starting seminar. We should have been told before spring semester ended. I pray they accomodate me and I also pray others will call and complain or say they can't make it as well.

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