Monday, May 5, 2008

When do I pee?

I substituted for a third grade class today. It was pretty terrible. I feel so bad for classroom teachers in this school system. There was one assistant for all three third grade classrooms. Teachers only get "breaks" when the kids go to Connect Classes (art, music, gym, spanish). I got to the school during their spanish class this morning, so I had about 20 minutes to read the lesson plans and prepare. Fortunately, we switched students for Reading. I seemed to have a pretty capable group and it went well. I had some kids get out of hand with going to the bathroom, so I knocked on another teacher's door and the problem kid spent the rest of the morning with that teacher. The other problem kid who just would NOT stop talking stayed with the assistant most of the day. It was crazy keeping track of the kids. I just couldn't. A few of them switched classes for reading and then later in the day for math. At recess they tried to pull the wool over my eyes about being allowed to play fight. A kid ended up getting written up for really going at it hard. Fortunately, the assistent took care of that. She got the story from one of the kids and the other kid is already labeled as a sneaky, bad boy, so that was that. That sneaky, bad boy was very smart and pretty polite. Too bad they get labeled, but that is what happens and they sure do live up to those labels.

The really awful thing about this school system is the teachers do not get a lunch break. They are responsible for taking the class to lunch AND recess. To me, that is BULL SHIT! I know a lot of schools do that. I subbed for one in MD that did that too. In my elementary school growing up we had cafeteria monitors who watched us at lunch AND at recess. The teachers actually got to use their teacher's lounge during that time. That should be a right. At this school the teachers had to clean off the tables after the class ate. Not a big problem, but it's NOT DAYCARE. It's teaching and I think there should be a line there of what a teacher does and does not do. There should be other positions for lunch and recess duty. I could not be a classroom teacher here. Fortunately I'm looking to be an art teacher, so I definitely get a lunch break. I got home today and realized I had not been to the bathroom all day.

I applied to be a camp counselor this summer. I'm seriously wondering if I will hate it. Hopefully there will be a lot more help. The good thing is kids will be there to do "fun" activities and not to work.

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charlie said...

Now that I think about it, I couldn't tell you where the bathrooms were in the school where I did my student teaching. I don't think I ever used them. ~ Michele