Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jason Segel, my love

I love Jason Segel, you know, as an actor. Okay, okay. I totally have a crush on him... as an actor! I have recently discovered that this crush actually goes way back. I had just forgotten. See, Knocked Up is one of my favorite movies. Jason is in that. His character is sleazy and weird, but he's great at it. Then there is How I Met Your Mother. I loved that show from the get go, even though it's really not extraordinary. I now realize it's because of Marshall, Jason Segel's character. I guess I knew it then, but I still hadn't remembered the origin of my crush: Freaks and Geeks. I hadn't thought about that show for ever. Jason Segel's character, Nick, was much like his Marshall character: sweet, goofy, sensitive, a little neurotic. That is where my crush began. There is also Undeclared. Jason plays a crazy boyfriend, but still a sweetheart. Both series also feature Seth Rogan (Knocked Up lead) and both were created by Judd Apatow who also did Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin. Seth Rogan went on to do Superbad. The commentary on all three movies (which my husband listens to) discuss how they pulled actors from Freaks and Geeks or Undeclared. So, W got both series on Netflix and I am loving them... again! Also, I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Jason Segel wrote the script and I am very impressed with his creative talent. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but a certain musical aspect was actually fully created by Jason before he began writing the script. I love funny, creative guys. Seth Rogan has a new movie coming out soon. He's number two on my crush list, so I'm looking forward to that. The list pretty much ends there right now.

I would have linked every show and movie, but my computer is dieing. It's been dying for a year now, but it's gotten to the point where I cannot open more than one window at a time. So, look up the shows for yourself and get them on Netflix. When Forgetting comes out we're definitely buying it. It'll be fun to see what W thinks.

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