Thursday, April 17, 2008


I sign into my internet provider email. It's not totally loaded with stuff, but I hadn't emptied the trash can for a while, so I do that and still it says I'm using most of my space. WTF? Finally after I delete pretty much EVERYTHING, it goes down to almost nill. While I was deleting, however, I noticed an email that looked like junk mail. The subject was "Your insurance has been canceled." I feel compelled to open it even though the name, seemingly normal, is unfamiliar. It IS from my student health insurance saying it is terminated Jan. 10, 2008--the effective date! WTF? The email said it was terminated due to eligibility requirements and to contact my university if this is an error. I'm thinking, they got my claim, saw I take a med that costs $165/month (not terrible compared to many other in this country) and found some way to drop me. That and an antibiotic have been my only claims. Of course I find this out at 8:30 at night so I can't DO anything about it! UGH! I dread having to call the health services people. I hope they can straighten this out. It's complete B.S.

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