Saturday, April 12, 2008

What Obama Said

Those comments Obama made, well, I FULLY AGREE! People are bitter and look to blame someone. Often they do blame immigrants, whether legal or illegal, and say THEY are the ones taking all their jobs and making America worse. About 7 years ago I worked in Data Entry and keyed in credit card donations for various charities and organizations. There was an anti-immigration organization we entered data for and on most credit card donation slips the people had written terrible, derogatory comments about immigrants, mostly Mexicans. This was when I lived in MD and where do you think these slips came from? The Tri-state region probably: MD, PA, WVa. Obama wouldn't have said those things infront of a camera and it was a closed-to-press event, but someone recorded him and it got out. It was a mistake to say those things with the PA Primary coming up seeing how Hillary, who probably agrees with Obama, has been using it against him. However, it is the truth. When people are struggling, they want to blame someone. Since they can't call up the President and bitch him out, they find others. Why was the KKK started? Poor white people who were struggling wanted to blame another group for their problems. Religion factored into the KKK and it factors in to those who are struggling now as well. It can be beneficial to turn to a church and God. You can make great friends and get support through hard times and feel close to God. When that church preaches intolerance, (Catholics are ABSOLUTELY included here) "antipathy to people who aren't like them" is what develops in the congregation. Our deacon gave a homily not long ago about the biggest threats to morality and homosexuals wanting to get married was one of them. That's what I call preaching intolerance. Sigh. I am fearful we won't win the general because of the large group of intolerant people we have in this country. I'm not talking about the senator's race, but democratic principles. There is a fear of change in the intolerant. We NEED CHANGE.

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