Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One Day...

You know how it is. A friend or partner is telling you about someone from work (or other activity) and you ask: "Is he/she married?" or "Does he/she have kids?" At least I ask those questions. One time I did and DH said, "I think he/she is gay." That got me thinking, why couldn't the answer have just been no? Well, because being gay means you can't be married, at least not in a legal sense. But maybe one day the answer will just be "Yes" or "No." If it's "Yes," then the next question could be "Gay or straight?" or "Hetero or homosexual?" THEN I could ask about kids.

I like to ask these questions to get a full picture of someone. Of course I'm judging them. We all have preconceived notions about what it means to be something--wife, mother, husband, father, single, dating--and those things are part of our identity. So I'm trying to form a persons identity, at least to me, when I ask more questions about them.

Anyway. This is disgusting. It reminded me of that marriage thing. Jennings, of GLSEN is quoted as telling Christians to "drop dead." There really is a hatred towards Christians and it is quoted in the article. Of course GLSEN promotes tolerance. William Eugene Smith, who took this photo, said "The only thing to be intolerant of is intolerance itself." And that is what GLSEN is showing. It's understandable they get angry and even if they didn't voice that anger, they'd be hit just as hard by groups "concerned" about family. Neither group is being tolerant. The Concerned Women throw in how upset they are the Bible isn't allowed to be taught in school. As if that would make everything even planed. It should be taught, from a historical stand point, and why not the Torah and the Quran too? Why not throw in the Book of Mormon. That could be worked into Native American lessons since Jesus visited them before going to Heaven. Now look where this blog has gone. That's what irrational propaganda does to you. Makes you CRAZY!

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