Thursday, April 24, 2008

My daughter, the artist

S has been drawing every day after school. She even works on one drawing for 2 or 3 days at a time. Unfortunately, she also expressed herself on the wall. So, today she doesn't get to draw at all. I feel so bad having to take that away from her today, but that is the logical consequence. She also has to clean the wall. It was too close to bed time to do it yesterday, so she'll be doing that today.

S did this drawing, which I cropped, in about 3 sessions. This is a picture of the doll she used. She sat it infront of her and drew it. I got to teach her the term "still life." That term used to make me cringe when I was a kid. I liked drawing from my head, but it really does improve skill to draw from life.

The first half of the school year S wasn't drawing much at all. We had a lot of coloring books (from well-meaning grandparents) and she was coloring a lot at school. She would actually argue against my suggestions to draw on plain paper. So, after New Years, I put all the coloring books away and voila! both girls started drawing again. I'm going to enroll S in summer art class once a week at the local arts council. So glad she's finally old enough. She'll love it.

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