Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feminism on my mind

All of the women whose blogs I read have been writing about articles on feminism and how it relates to the presidential campaigns. So, I've been following their links and reading the articles. Mostly I agree that we, the young women, have been raised in an environment in which we've had freedoms because of the previous feminist's battles. Being brought up in these freedoms has allowed us the position we're in where we can choose a candidate not based on gender.

Rebecca Traister wrote in this article:

It also prompts the question of when it became so wrong-headed to care whether a history of white male presidential privilege might be interrupted.

I wonder, did she contemplate changing that sentence to read "history of male presidential?" Because either candidate is interrupting the "history of white male presidential privilege." That is truely what is so wonderful about this campaign.

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