Friday, April 18, 2008

Early Voting

I voted today! Yay! NC does early voting April 17-May 3. Primary is May 6. Headquarters wanted to do a march to the board of elections. Even got police escort lined up. However, it was another wash out for the students of my university. A mass email got sent out and people handed out flyers on campus. A van went to the school and people held up signs reading "Early Voting Shuttle Service." Still, no students. There were 3 aother dult volunteers present, two who came down from VA to participate. Then there was me and Will and the girls and a friend and her baby. The event was listed on the Obama web site. I sent out an email to students who had signed up for Students for Barack Obama. Even the grassroots group didn't show up. Well, one couple showed up at the B. of Elections. I don't believe they voted at that time. Must have been doing other stuff, cuz they just showed the rest of us where a good neighborhood was to canvas. So, the small group canvased the neighborhood and Will said that was really good. Got a lot of people at home, gave out flyers about one-stop-voting where you can register and vote at the same time. Then we went back to headquarters and made dinner, but by that time the volunteers were gone and it was just very few of us. There is a cook out tomorrow. Hopefully that will be better.

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