Saturday, April 12, 2008

Am I surprised?

This weekend is a special weekend at my college, which will remain nameless, but some of you know the one I'm talking about. It is a "Fest" weekend. Husband and I paid the $15 for a booth in the name of Students for Barack Obama to sell T-Shirts at the Community Bazaar. It's really just the two of us in the group, but that's because the Director of Student Life is black balling us (no pun intended). I think they are just not organized in the Student Life office as reflected in today's festivities. I had the application in the last week of February and it still has not been met on, though everyone is well aware of it because we had our kick-off meeting on campus LAST Sunday. The local Obama Headquarters pushed for that because two Congressmen who endorse Obama were in town traveling around giving speeches and they wanted them to end the day at our afternoon meeting. So we had our "kick-off" and were permitted a booth today, but still we're not official on campus.

Anyway! Back to the Bazaar. It was SUPPOSED to be outside in the middle of campus where everyone walks through. It was open-house/High School day today too. We thought for SURE we'd be able to sell the remaining 40-some T-Shirts because all the parents have the dough and the teens would want an "Obama T-shirt please, mom?" However, for whatever reason--maybe the slight chance of thunderstorms or the wonderfully light breeze--the people in charge moved the "venders" inside the old gymnasium. We showed up 15 minutes before it started and were like, "WTF?! Did it get canceled?" It was a ghost town. We saw some trucks and that's how we discovered it was in the gym. Whatever it was they had going on for the High Schoolers was also supposed to be outside with the venders, but that was moved to the other side of campus in the NEW gym. So, that took away all our customers since college students are not walking around campus ready to spend money. On top of being in the gym where NO ONE could see us and the tour groups did not venture, they had a band in there which had the speakers up VERY high--so high that the echo made it impossible to understand what they were saying. It was a total flop. I felt bad for the band because a group of students came by for about 30 minutes, but then it cleared out again. We sold one T-shirt that I know of to a security guard. Maybe more to other venders. I dunno. We had the girls with us, so once the music got blaring I took them outside to walk around and W manned the table. We closed up at 1:30 even though it was supposed to 11-3. Even if someone did come over to see us we couldn't talk to them about Obama because of the band. It SHOULD have been outside where the community would have seen it and stopped. I wonder how many people came on campus and did not see the bazaar set up where it was supposed to be (NO signs were posted about it) and left. At the very least it SHOULD have been part of the High School Day set-up. So you see the disorganization? No, I'm not surprised. I'm not surprised our group hasn't been approved after 1.5 months, either.

The school HAS potential. It has appeal. It has some great professors. It has some great students. Some say it's a transitional period. I see that in the art department. W sees the transition as a burn and rise from the ashes procedure in his departments which have lost many professors over the last couple years and are running into graduation problems.

The good news? My Obama T-shirt from the campaign came this week and I'm wearing it today. It's quite cute! We also got a good picture last weekend with Congressman Scott from VA.

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