Friday, March 28, 2008

Sun Damage

My skin is driving me crazy. I've been getting burned every time I've been outside. They aren't serious burns, just enough to make me itch and make my skin pink and bumpy. I'm slathering on Hydrocortizone and moisturizer. The crazy thing is I actually wore sunblock today. It was SPF 30 and not my usual SPF 50. Guess I was out too long for the 30. It was 75 degrees and beautiful. Same as before Easter when we did some gardening. The burns fade and stop itching after 48 hours. I wonder what it's doing to my cells. The itching is more intense on my freckles. I had one burned off last summer because it itched well into the summer every time I was out in the sun and had become somewhat raised. I've heard sunblock doesn't protect against the rays that damage the cells anyway. The only thing we can do is limit sun exposure. I've also heard 20 minutes of exposed skin makes your Vitamin D for the day. That's about the time it takes for me to have a nice pink, itchy sunburn! Guess I'll keep popping the Calcium/D pills.

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