Saturday, March 29, 2008

Obama Headquarters Grand Opening

Obama Headquarters opened here in our great city. We had an opening party. W got to speak on behalf of the Students for Barack Obama at our school. It was a full house, which wasn't more than 50 people cuz the headquarters are in a little house. Canvasing starts tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to try to get out and do phone banking soon. It's going to rain tomorrow, so I don't want to canvas with a kid in the stroller. Hopefully I'll get to when it's nicer weather. It's pretty exciting!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sun Damage

My skin is driving me crazy. I've been getting burned every time I've been outside. They aren't serious burns, just enough to make me itch and make my skin pink and bumpy. I'm slathering on Hydrocortizone and moisturizer. The crazy thing is I actually wore sunblock today. It was SPF 30 and not my usual SPF 50. Guess I was out too long for the 30. It was 75 degrees and beautiful. Same as before Easter when we did some gardening. The burns fade and stop itching after 48 hours. I wonder what it's doing to my cells. The itching is more intense on my freckles. I had one burned off last summer because it itched well into the summer every time I was out in the sun and had become somewhat raised. I've heard sunblock doesn't protect against the rays that damage the cells anyway. The only thing we can do is limit sun exposure. I've also heard 20 minutes of exposed skin makes your Vitamin D for the day. That's about the time it takes for me to have a nice pink, itchy sunburn! Guess I'll keep popping the Calcium/D pills.

Dan in Real Life

This was a thoroughly enjoyable movie. I watched it alone. I laughed outloud and I cried. In my book that is a good movie. I could imagine people saying it's hackneyed at times. It seems to be in New England in the fall. Dan's parents are upperclass with luxuries such as a large lake home, kayaks, etc. The extended family gathers there for their annual reunion and play football in the front yard, exercise together, and have a talent show. The easy lifestyle makes for more emotional issues and that is what the movie is about.

Friday, March 21, 2008


I got slightly burned today. I have two marks on the side of my eyes where my sunglasses stopped, burned ears, and splotchy burns on my neck. Fortunately I had on long sleeves and pants. I planted 10 azaleas outfront today. When it's all done I'll post a pic. For now, check out this interesting video.

Do YOU have an accent? If you think you don't, guess again. We all do. Mine is Western MD... hickish. It slips into the Northern NC southern accent quite easily. Usually people can tell I'm not from these parts though and ask where I AM from. When I was drunk after my friend's wedding in Baltimore and asked some guys for directions when we got turned around they asked where I was from, I said, "Maryland." DUH! I was in MD. But I'm just so used to saying that down here. I probably would have said that even if I hadn't been drinking.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

We're Well!

Oh My GOSH! We are well! It feels sooooo good. I was sick for soooo long. I am taking vitamins regularly and drinking DanActive and eating Activia and back to eating salads and washing my hands more. I do not want to be sick again for a long time.

We had a nice trip in MD visiting family. Took the girls to the Baltimore Aquarium. I believe they enjoyed it. I did. I love that place. I wanna go back without them actually. W and I got to go when G was born. The Ronald McDonald House had membership we could use for free. We didn't know that when Savanna stayed there with us. W and I went the day before bringing little G home. There's my big girl looking at Nemo cleaning himself on an anemine or whatever it is.

I'm really getting into the idea of moving back to Maryland. It's just fun to gather lots of information and imagine different scenarios. W planted the seed with his parents that we are looking to move... eventually. We have 2 more years of living in their house before they move in. W and I graduate December. We could theoretically work a year and a half before moving. I would LOVE to hire a moving company this time around. Basically I feel like we HAVE to because we have too much shit. It took two trips and two different rented trucks to move to NC from MD before. It also SUCKED. So, it'd be nice to work here for a while and save up the money for the move and make sure we have cash at hand for unknown expenses involved in relocating. See, teachers get paid $27,000 here. It's not terrible for the cost of most things here... except housing. Housing prices are high here. There are some good finds, though. Teachers in Balt. Co. get $42,000 to start and $39,000+ in the City. Besides there are other counties we could live in up there... like Frederick or Anne Arundel... I am falling in love with the idea of living in the city, or at least on the outskirts. The housing market is pretty good up there. The other incentive to move to MD? UNIVERSITIES. I do not want to move further south to go to school and I do not want to commute over an hour to VA. I want to go to start my graduate degree within 3 years of graduating. I'm currently looking at MICA as a good choice. It has an Art Ed. degree program that is two summers surrounding one school year. It's probably pretty intensive seeing that by graduation you publish a thesis and present it as well as presenting studio work, but it's shorter than 2 years for a M.Ed. degree from a really good ART SCHOOL! Our last reason for moving, jobs. My career is very limited here. I'd be a teacher and that's it. I see myself getting into other venues as well as teaching, like publishing, or arts councils, or city arts programs, or ed programs in art museums. There aren't those resources here in little ole E-shity (as the teens like to say). But there are in more urban environments and, as I said before, I don't want to move to Raleigh to get those things.

Look how tired my girls were after we went through the whole aquarium. That place is big. At least there are plenty of "people movers," though. Kids loved those. (And so did I. They're cool!)