Monday, February 18, 2008

Thinking About My Mom and Health

Praying for my Mom. She's having an outpatient surgery this week. She seems to have precancerous mass in breast tissue. She's making all sorts of changes and efforts to be healthy and live healthyfully. And I just had McD's. YUCK. But, it tasted good. It's not good for family history of heart disease or precancerous cells. Not good at all. I'm praying for strength to eat better. Good news is, my kids did not eat McD's. However, they are getting older and need to be taught by example. This cold I've had, going on three weeks, makes me want fatty foods. I think that's what it is. Before the cold got bad I was eating veggies for snack and salads for lunch and with dinner. I like talking with my Mom about ways to increase health and what to cook.

Some items that are good for lifelong health: Flaxseed, Cruciforous Vegetables, Probiotics, Calcium, Green leafy vegetables

Show that helps me try to eat well: You Are What You Eat on BBC America. It's similar to Honey We're Killing the Kids on American TV but chips are called crisps.

Trying to figure this out: Dairy or no dairy. Not sure what the answer is. I need to take Calcium w/ D supplements even if I'm eating dairy. I've been trying to eat yogurt for the active cultures and calcium benefits. However, some research is showing dairy and red meat causes inflammation and that is not good for the cells (or preventing cancer). I like soy milk, but then there's the issue of the soy estrogen and the effect that has on hormones (and cancer). My DD and I seem to have similar digestion, and constipation is common. IBS has been mentioned numerous times to me. I've suffered my whole life with this problem. Now I see S having the same symptoms at age 5. She's had congestion and throat flem and has been on allergy meds on and off since she was 1. She does the same throat clearing sound I did when I was a kid. I've always assumed it was allergies, but all her tests have been negative. Now I'm thinking it's milk intolerance. Apparently, Native American's have a high percentage of lactose intolerance. Some sources say it's not just the lactose that causes IBS, but the milk protein itself. G turned out to still be allergic to milk. She developed a rash over her body after a day of cheese and other milk products. Husband doesn't do well with milk either. Guess the whole family would benefit from not having dairy!

I would like to do a show like You Are What You Eat and have all my menus given to me. I'd still have to make the food though. Plus, you wouldn't see a dramatic difference with my weight.

Saw a Dr. Oz show the other day about changing internal health to affect outward appearance and he said the skin is the first sign of internal problems. Well, I have eczema and overall dryness. I think it's a sign of lack of hydration. I'm trying to drink more water. It could also be a sign of milk intolerance. G's eczema cleared up very quickly when I stopped having dairy while BFing.

I'm proud of my mom for taking control of her health and well-being like she has. She swore she wouldn't go the route of her mother, just ignoring health problems, and she hasn't. She's being a good model for me and my sister to follow. Also, since she makes dinners, my Dad's health is affected positively.

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