Saturday, February 16, 2008


So, the babysitting only lasted 2 days. Don't know if it'll start up again this week. Depends on neighbor's new job situation which has a few kinks to work out. I was glad cuz all of the sudden I became sooooo tired. Will let me sleep in Thurs. and I was still tired come Friday. I had gotten to bed by 10pm every night and up at 7. However, G has woken up almost every night this past week and I've been fighting off a cold (same as she, hence the waking) and yesterday I was soooo soooo tired! I slept from 9:30 to 8 last night. Tried to get up at 7. Got G a sippy, but then went back to bed. At 8 I felt good and got up and showered. Nice. Girls were so good. S played in G's room from 7-8 and there was no yelling, fighting, or crying! Got the girls to the Y this morning for G's tumbling and then I walked on the tredmill for 20 min and did 8 min. on stairclimber. Just enough to boost my energy, not make me more tired. Now at almost 1:30, we've had lunch, the kitchen is decently clean, and the girls straightened up the livingroom and then promptly made a big tent in the middle of it. Oh, they love the blanket-tent! I feel pretty good now. Mostly over the cold. But I still have this fatigue feeling in my bones. It's just not right. I also lost almost 5lbs from no appetite this past week. Not a bad thing since I gained about 8 through the holidays. Just not sure why I've been sooo tired and I hope it doesn't continue, especially if I'm back to babysitting.

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