Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Endeaver

My new endeaver is one that was not expected. I'll be babysitting my neighbors kids for about 5 weeks (maybe longer, maybe not as long). Small one is all day 5 days, preschooler is at school 3 mornings a week, and Elem. schooler is home with my kid at 3. The request call from my neighbor came the same morning my social worker called and said he couldn't figure out a way to keep my husband and me on Medicaid past this month. He'd already put off terminating us an extra month, which is great. So, while I thought about whether or not I could add child care provider to my responsibilities, the fact that the two calls came the same day did not elude me. See, I'm on Prevacid. It's about $100 a month. I'm also on allergy and asthma meds, which I've weeded (no pun intended) down the least amount possible and I should probably add some back since spring is coming NEXT MONTH (for us down south, at least). My medicine costs are not as much as some, but they are great to me. Fortunately Zyrtec is now over the counter for about $20/month instead of $90 for Rx. So, the child care money is going to keep me healthy physically, though my mental healthy may be in jeopardy. Seriously, though, they are good kids (good meaning not destructive) and get along with mine very well.

On another note, we are supporting Obama and W may get to go see a rally in D.C. on Tuesday. Obama will be near us in SoVA tomorrow as well, but no trip is planned as of yet. See, W's professor is friends with D.C.'s mayor, who is friends with Obama. D.C.'s mayor should be able to help professor and his students get into rally without problem. I'm terribly jealous, as I'll be stuck here with all the kids. IF professor can get Obama to come to historically black University here, I pray I can go. If it's during the week day there's really no way since I'm babysitting. BUT if it's evening or weekend I'm calling everyone I know till I get someone to watch MY kids. I'll update if anything so exciting should happen.

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