Friday, February 29, 2008


We babysat our neighbor's kids Thurs., Fri. and Mon. On Mon. the little girl was not feeling well and the next day her mother took her to the doctor who said she had the flu. At first I wondered if WE had given it to her. Will and I have been sick for 4 weeks now. The girls had pink eye, but weren't sick for very long. So then Thursday G and I coughed all day. Mine was mostly asthma, hers was post-nasal drip. Last night we both had fevers and today the doc says it's the flu. We kept S home from school in case she comes down with it, but right now she's feeling fine. Just a little swollen lymph nodes which makes me believe she is fighting it and will be sick maybe by tonight. We'll all be starting Tamiflu today. It's not been too bad so far. I think if I had been healthy and THEN gotten this flu I would think I was so sick. But after feeling fatigued and sick for the past month, the fever feels more like a relief.

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