Friday, February 8, 2008

Cinnamon Allergy

There's not much info out there, except that cinnamon allergy is pretty common. Much of the allergy is contact dermatitis. That's not too bad, you might say. A rash that goes away is one thing, but a rash that turns into peeling and cracking fingertips is quite painful and annoying. And I've traced it to clay... CLAY! I can't throw or I break out!

Anyway, back to cinnamon allergy. S has it and it's getting worse. She's had it since she was at least 1 and she ate a cinnamon bun and got a little rash under her lip. Now, she gets an immediate red rash around her mouth, bright red and puffy lips and probably tongue, though not so bad her speech is affected. We just give her benadryl. It's really annoying when we cook with ready to use stuff, like canned stewed tomatoes or pasta sauce or bread crumbs, and she breaks out even though cinnamon is not listed. What IS listed is "spice" or "spices." They want to keep their recipe secret, but it's aggravating to me. Even The Food Allergy and Anaphalaxis Network doesn't have any info on cinnamon allergy. There should be a list of dangerous foods, of brands, something.

As for the other kid, she seems to be completely over her milk and egg allergies. We're positive on the egg, but we're still taking it easy on the milk. She tried yogurt today and did not like it. She still drinks enriched rice milk and is growing fine, so I'm not going to switch that. I'm just giving her things with milk as an ingredient and baking with milk again. Not doing butter either.

So, I'm cooking more normally, but I'm still watchful for cinnamon (spice!!!), tree nuts (also S) and strawberries. Girls are also sensitive to red dye. If anyone finds anything about cinnamon allergy safe foods, let me know.


Cat said...

Glad to hear you guys are getting a handle on the whole allergy thing. That's been a long time coming.

And aren't there allergen-free clays you could use? I'm sure there must be something!

Anonymous said...

Looking around for info on cinnamon allergies -- surprised at the similarlity in experience. my 15 mo old daughter has a cinnamon munchkin this morning and ended up pink underneath her bottom lip. Noticed a smal amount of pink two days before when she had honey-bbq sauce (could it be an ingredient?). hoping it is contact dermatitis that she will grow out of. Seems like food alergies are a real curse.

Lauren said...

BBQ sauce and spaghetti sauces often have "SPICES" or "SPICE" listed on the ingredients and that usually means cinnamon is one of those spices. It's usually not listed as an ingredient except in the obvious cases such as cinnamon cereal or crackers.

Maribeth said...

Hey I am 18 and I found out less than 6 months ago that I have a cinnamon allergy. I used to get stomach aches all the time, for most of high school. I thought it was anxiety because it was daily and it started right before school. It wasn't until I had a reaction so severe that I couldn't stand from the pain(6 months ago), that I realized the stomach aches were from cinnamon. I used to eat cinnamon toast or oatmeal every day before school. And since that day 6 months ago, the reactions have gotten worse. Now I can't be in the same room as an open can of cinnamon.
Sad to hear about your kid! Cinnamon used to be my favorite smell and flavor! And it shows up in so much.
And I am equally frustrated that it doesn't appear on food labels. How much longer do I have before my allergy reaches the lethal stage!?! What are we supposed to do?! Just guess if our food is safe to eat?!
Its getting so bad that I am scared! I've never been allergic to anything else.