Friday, February 29, 2008


We babysat our neighbor's kids Thurs., Fri. and Mon. On Mon. the little girl was not feeling well and the next day her mother took her to the doctor who said she had the flu. At first I wondered if WE had given it to her. Will and I have been sick for 4 weeks now. The girls had pink eye, but weren't sick for very long. So then Thursday G and I coughed all day. Mine was mostly asthma, hers was post-nasal drip. Last night we both had fevers and today the doc says it's the flu. We kept S home from school in case she comes down with it, but right now she's feeling fine. Just a little swollen lymph nodes which makes me believe she is fighting it and will be sick maybe by tonight. We'll all be starting Tamiflu today. It's not been too bad so far. I think if I had been healthy and THEN gotten this flu I would think I was so sick. But after feeling fatigued and sick for the past month, the fever feels more like a relief.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Obama Wins Wisconsin

This is Obama's 9th win in a row! McCain expects Obama to be his opponent. He won Wisconsin as well and stated in his speech:
"I will fight every moment of every day in this campaign to make sure that Americans are not deceived by an eloquent but empty call for change."

We've heard this before. He uses words, speeches phrases. So does everyone who is campaigning. We cannot predict what promises will come to fruition because the president can't just change whatever he wants. There are other groups (remember Congress?) who decide what becomes law. Hillary wants to make a lot of changes, too. I'm just not sure her policies in her political past are the best tactics for a president. I'm talking about voting yes and then hoping the change doesn't actually happen and also regretting votes numerous times. Plus, the Clintons play tough and do not like to compromise or lose.

Obama told Matt Lauer the nominee might just have to be declared come March 4. All the better for campaigning, even though NC will not have voted yet. Would we still get to? There really wouldn't be a point. But, everyone's votes must be counted! Anyway, good news tonight. Wonder how he'll do in Hawaii?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Thinking About My Mom and Health

Praying for my Mom. She's having an outpatient surgery this week. She seems to have precancerous mass in breast tissue. She's making all sorts of changes and efforts to be healthy and live healthyfully. And I just had McD's. YUCK. But, it tasted good. It's not good for family history of heart disease or precancerous cells. Not good at all. I'm praying for strength to eat better. Good news is, my kids did not eat McD's. However, they are getting older and need to be taught by example. This cold I've had, going on three weeks, makes me want fatty foods. I think that's what it is. Before the cold got bad I was eating veggies for snack and salads for lunch and with dinner. I like talking with my Mom about ways to increase health and what to cook.

Some items that are good for lifelong health: Flaxseed, Cruciforous Vegetables, Probiotics, Calcium, Green leafy vegetables

Show that helps me try to eat well: You Are What You Eat on BBC America. It's similar to Honey We're Killing the Kids on American TV but chips are called crisps.

Trying to figure this out: Dairy or no dairy. Not sure what the answer is. I need to take Calcium w/ D supplements even if I'm eating dairy. I've been trying to eat yogurt for the active cultures and calcium benefits. However, some research is showing dairy and red meat causes inflammation and that is not good for the cells (or preventing cancer). I like soy milk, but then there's the issue of the soy estrogen and the effect that has on hormones (and cancer). My DD and I seem to have similar digestion, and constipation is common. IBS has been mentioned numerous times to me. I've suffered my whole life with this problem. Now I see S having the same symptoms at age 5. She's had congestion and throat flem and has been on allergy meds on and off since she was 1. She does the same throat clearing sound I did when I was a kid. I've always assumed it was allergies, but all her tests have been negative. Now I'm thinking it's milk intolerance. Apparently, Native American's have a high percentage of lactose intolerance. Some sources say it's not just the lactose that causes IBS, but the milk protein itself. G turned out to still be allergic to milk. She developed a rash over her body after a day of cheese and other milk products. Husband doesn't do well with milk either. Guess the whole family would benefit from not having dairy!

I would like to do a show like You Are What You Eat and have all my menus given to me. I'd still have to make the food though. Plus, you wouldn't see a dramatic difference with my weight.

Saw a Dr. Oz show the other day about changing internal health to affect outward appearance and he said the skin is the first sign of internal problems. Well, I have eczema and overall dryness. I think it's a sign of lack of hydration. I'm trying to drink more water. It could also be a sign of milk intolerance. G's eczema cleared up very quickly when I stopped having dairy while BFing.

I'm proud of my mom for taking control of her health and well-being like she has. She swore she wouldn't go the route of her mother, just ignoring health problems, and she hasn't. She's being a good model for me and my sister to follow. Also, since she makes dinners, my Dad's health is affected positively.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Students for Barack Obama

I am going to start Students for Barack Obama on my campus. I signed up with the campaign and am awaiting info from them. In the mean time, I've printed out the forms we need to submit to form a new organization to the University. A friend has started 3-4 clubs and says it's pretty easy. The hard part comes when we actually have a meeting and have to DO stuff. Fortunately husband is going to be doing this with me. It's HIS professor who is really wanting to organize. The prof. is just not organized. He can be an advisor, though. Besides, it takes students to get things done at a University. We're the reason it's there. Hopefully by the end of this week we'll have all forms submitted. That's the goal.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


So, the babysitting only lasted 2 days. Don't know if it'll start up again this week. Depends on neighbor's new job situation which has a few kinks to work out. I was glad cuz all of the sudden I became sooooo tired. Will let me sleep in Thurs. and I was still tired come Friday. I had gotten to bed by 10pm every night and up at 7. However, G has woken up almost every night this past week and I've been fighting off a cold (same as she, hence the waking) and yesterday I was soooo soooo tired! I slept from 9:30 to 8 last night. Tried to get up at 7. Got G a sippy, but then went back to bed. At 8 I felt good and got up and showered. Nice. Girls were so good. S played in G's room from 7-8 and there was no yelling, fighting, or crying! Got the girls to the Y this morning for G's tumbling and then I walked on the tredmill for 20 min and did 8 min. on stairclimber. Just enough to boost my energy, not make me more tired. Now at almost 1:30, we've had lunch, the kitchen is decently clean, and the girls straightened up the livingroom and then promptly made a big tent in the middle of it. Oh, they love the blanket-tent! I feel pretty good now. Mostly over the cold. But I still have this fatigue feeling in my bones. It's just not right. I also lost almost 5lbs from no appetite this past week. Not a bad thing since I gained about 8 through the holidays. Just not sure why I've been sooo tired and I hope it doesn't continue, especially if I'm back to babysitting.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Endeaver

My new endeaver is one that was not expected. I'll be babysitting my neighbors kids for about 5 weeks (maybe longer, maybe not as long). Small one is all day 5 days, preschooler is at school 3 mornings a week, and Elem. schooler is home with my kid at 3. The request call from my neighbor came the same morning my social worker called and said he couldn't figure out a way to keep my husband and me on Medicaid past this month. He'd already put off terminating us an extra month, which is great. So, while I thought about whether or not I could add child care provider to my responsibilities, the fact that the two calls came the same day did not elude me. See, I'm on Prevacid. It's about $100 a month. I'm also on allergy and asthma meds, which I've weeded (no pun intended) down the least amount possible and I should probably add some back since spring is coming NEXT MONTH (for us down south, at least). My medicine costs are not as much as some, but they are great to me. Fortunately Zyrtec is now over the counter for about $20/month instead of $90 for Rx. So, the child care money is going to keep me healthy physically, though my mental healthy may be in jeopardy. Seriously, though, they are good kids (good meaning not destructive) and get along with mine very well.

On another note, we are supporting Obama and W may get to go see a rally in D.C. on Tuesday. Obama will be near us in SoVA tomorrow as well, but no trip is planned as of yet. See, W's professor is friends with D.C.'s mayor, who is friends with Obama. D.C.'s mayor should be able to help professor and his students get into rally without problem. I'm terribly jealous, as I'll be stuck here with all the kids. IF professor can get Obama to come to historically black University here, I pray I can go. If it's during the week day there's really no way since I'm babysitting. BUT if it's evening or weekend I'm calling everyone I know till I get someone to watch MY kids. I'll update if anything so exciting should happen.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Cinnamon Allergy

There's not much info out there, except that cinnamon allergy is pretty common. Much of the allergy is contact dermatitis. That's not too bad, you might say. A rash that goes away is one thing, but a rash that turns into peeling and cracking fingertips is quite painful and annoying. And I've traced it to clay... CLAY! I can't throw or I break out!

Anyway, back to cinnamon allergy. S has it and it's getting worse. She's had it since she was at least 1 and she ate a cinnamon bun and got a little rash under her lip. Now, she gets an immediate red rash around her mouth, bright red and puffy lips and probably tongue, though not so bad her speech is affected. We just give her benadryl. It's really annoying when we cook with ready to use stuff, like canned stewed tomatoes or pasta sauce or bread crumbs, and she breaks out even though cinnamon is not listed. What IS listed is "spice" or "spices." They want to keep their recipe secret, but it's aggravating to me. Even The Food Allergy and Anaphalaxis Network doesn't have any info on cinnamon allergy. There should be a list of dangerous foods, of brands, something.

As for the other kid, she seems to be completely over her milk and egg allergies. We're positive on the egg, but we're still taking it easy on the milk. She tried yogurt today and did not like it. She still drinks enriched rice milk and is growing fine, so I'm not going to switch that. I'm just giving her things with milk as an ingredient and baking with milk again. Not doing butter either.

So, I'm cooking more normally, but I'm still watchful for cinnamon (spice!!!), tree nuts (also S) and strawberries. Girls are also sensitive to red dye. If anyone finds anything about cinnamon allergy safe foods, let me know.