Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have my first wrinkle! When I was a kid that's how I thought it would be. I was very wrong. Wrinkles are sneaky. They just gradually appear. I like some of my wrinkles. I don't look so "fresh faced" anymore and I only get carded half the time now. I look more experienced. When I'm with my kids, I don't think it looks like I had S in my teens anymore. When I was pregnant with her I would actually get asked if I was in high school. Rude Wal-Mart shoppers.

Anyway, so I did get a surprise wrinkle recently. It did sneak up on me and I did shout "I have my first .... wrinkle!" Well, first LIP wrinkle. What's that about?! I don't want wrinkly lips. I'm not a smoker. That's what I think when I see very wrinkly lips--smoker. I judge. It's only one small vertical wrinkle on the right side of my upper lip.

I'm aging. We all are. As I said, I kind of like my developing wrinkles. Sag is what I'm really afraid of. Age spots are definitely in my future. I already have a couple on my left cheek. They are fading though. I got them when I was pregnant during the summer. Pregnancy can cause sun spots that usually fade. I plan on staying young by looking young and living well. Blah, blah, blah. It's my plan, though. What will give me away are my hands. They already look old to me... wrinkly and sun spotted with lots of visible veins. That's fair skin for ya. Back to sag. That really is an age give-away that I'm not looking foward to.

Youth obsessed culture. That's how it always is though. We always look to the next generation to come into power. When will we be in power though. The Boomers were that next generation with the power. Guess what? They're still in power even though we're adults. By we I mean Gen X and early Gen Y. People born in '80-'82 can fit into either generation. The Boomers raised us: to get eduated, be all you can be, in the you can do whatever you set your mind to attitude. Well, when will we get to do that? They looked to us as the next generation, but then decided that retirement isn't really something they want to do yet.

Anyway we're still young... I'm still young. I'll be grateful to get hired next year because Art teacher is a position people hold onto for a long time, especially in a small town.


Miss Cat said...

you're kidding. your FIRST wrinkle?? Girl, I've got like 17 -- all crows' feet. Congratulations on your youthful skin, you brat!

Lauren said...

Not my FIRST. I have crows feet. I have blue eyes too and that means lots of squinting. Those are the ones I kinda like.